Billy McCasland
Twenty-eight Years...

Twenty-eight years of compassion
to comfort his fellow man,
Twenty-eight years of love
to unselfishly serve o'er the span,
Twenty-eight years of courage
to go where no one dare,
Twenty-eight years of strength and
to show his unselfish care,
Twenty-eight years, ready when
emergency called,
who can offer their service or do more
than his all?

Deborah Oakley
June 27, 2009
In Loving Memory of Billy Morgan McCasland

Bill McCasland was one of the founding members of the Hardin County Fire Department and
remained an
active member for 28 years. His many years of dedicated service to the
community will not be forgotten.

Date of Birth Sunday, May 17 1936
Date of Death Monday, April 13 2009
Age 72 years, 10 months, 27 days