District 2 operates out of 2
stations with 2 engines,
2 tankers, 1 rescue truck, 1
brush truck, and 1 boat.
They protect the areas of
Crump and Morris Chapel.

The ISO public protection
class for all of
District 2 is a class 5.
Don Brownlee
Brittany Clenney                
Beverly Gibbs
Brian Gibbs
Christopher Graham
Jeff Graham            
Frank Henson
Thomas Henson     
Ed Hicks
Roger Hylton
Renee Jackson
Josh Jackson  
Mark Kennedy
James McLendon
Kenneth Matlock  
Dave Orman
Stacey Plunk-Chief
Buddy Ratliff
Mitizi Ratliff
Rhiannon Roberts
Chris R. Smith
Ronnie Stewart
Billy Sweat
Gail True
Eric Tuberville

Junior Firefighters
Hunter Gibbs