George Kidd
George was part of the Savannah City Fire Department for 12 years and a volunteer for Hardin County Fire
Department as a firefighter and the Dive Team Captain. He had a long battle with cancer, a course of 3 years over all.
He had won the battle one time before, but a year later it came back and he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
He lost his battle on the morning of March 16th, 2014.

George was a great firefighter and a wonderful person who would give out words of wisdom, a laugh when needed,
and of course the occasional pranks on fellow freinds. He had a passion for the Dive Team, it was something he held
near and dear to his heart as well as fishing, be it by himself or with some extra company.

There are so many things we could say about good ole George, but the main thing is that no matter what, even when
he was at his worst, he always did his best.
That is a lesson all of us should have learned from him.

Through his battle with cancer some volunteers got together to throw George a big fundraiser to help with his
treatments and to just get together with everybody and have a great time. From this event the Firefighter Support
Fund was created to help our fellow Firefighters out in times of need. The Support Fund has been going strong since
George's passing and will continue as long as the community continues to help with their awesome support!