Mike Manuel
Magenlino Estola (Mike) Manuel was born in Manila, Philippines
on October 5, 1965. Magenlino departed this life on October 2,
2017, at the age of 51 years, 11 months, and 27 days.

Magenlino attended Seventh Day Adventist Church in
Savannah,Tennessee and volunteered with Gospel Ministries
International. He worked in maintenance, construction, and
electrical work at Harbert Hills Academy and was a volunteer
firefighter for the Hardin County Fire Department, District 10.
Magenlino participated in mission trips. He enjoyed helping
people and will be remembered as a people person. Drawing,
working, building things, and playing tennis were the things he
liked to do the most. Magenlino was very involved with his
children and others. He loved God, his wife, and his children.

Mike's son, David, continues the journey they started together
with the Hardin County Fire Department. We are glad to of
known Mr. Manuel, and enjoyed the happiness he brought to
the department while he was with us.

We will take it from here, sir. - Thank you for your service.
District 10
Volunteer Firefighter