10am - 2pm

Come and join us for a day filled with fun! We will be having obstacle courses for kids (possible teens/adults), gear try-outs, hands-on fire extinguisher demonstration, Sparky bounce house, tour of the station, tours of our various fire trucks, and so much more!

  • We can't wait to see you there!


New Year, New Opporunities

‚ÄčWelcome to the new Newsletter Page. We will be doing our best to post in this as frequently as possible.

With the beginning of a New Year already very much into swing, we are wanting to create a better enviroment for our department. We have redone this website to make it more user friendly for everyone. We hope that you will be continuing to use this website as often as possible! A lot of time and effort has been put into creating this just for you volunteers.

NEW THIS MONTH - January 2019
- Thank you for your service in 2018! We had one tough, but GREAT year! We cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us as a department.

- We hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season, and are currently having a blessed beginning to 2019.

- We made the decision to start a new EMR course on Jan. 21st for active volunteers who wished to join in on the class. This is one intensive, fast-paced course and we wish all of them the best of luck on their journey.

- We have already started booking events for the year 20-19. One of them being our Battle of the Badges that will take place on February 27th at 90 Walnut Street - Station 12. This is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC so be sure to bring all of your family and friends to play!

- If you know of an event that we may be able to attend, please email us the information to or